Dec 07, 2023Blockchain

How To Swap Multicoin (MTCN) for Boomcoin (BMC)

Boom DAO has completed the transition from the Ethereum blockchain to the Boom blockchain, which is powered by its native cryptocurrency, and root asset, the Boomcoin.

Accordingly, we are commencing a 1:1 swap of our old erc-20 token on Ethereum, the Multicoin (MTCN) for Boomcoin (BMC).

Holders of Multicoin should follow the process below to swap their MTCN for BMC:

  1. Sign up to Boom and create your self-custody wallet -
  2. Send your MTCN from the original ethereum address it was issued, to the following burn address 0xD6De2B2727eaFcA31b02C746c358787E4e7aDa3b
  3. Email the transaction hash from (2) above along with your new Boom wallet address to
  4. Your BMC will be issued to your Boom wallet from where you can use it for everyday commerce, or deploy it to earn passive income by lending, staking or using it in liquidity pools on Boomswap. You can also send it to any other Ethereum compatible wallet eg Metamask using the instructions below.
  5. Swaps commence today, 7th December 2023 and ends on 7th February 2024
  6. MTCNs swapped into BMCs are not eligible for sale until 1st January 2025

How To Add Boom Network and BMC to Metamask

The Boom blockchain is built using Ethereum, the most commercially deployed blockchain technology in the world. As such, it supports all Ethereum wallets like Metamask, out-of-the-box.

Boomcoin (BMC), the Boom Blockchain’s native cryptocurrency can be managed using the Boom wallet and/or any Ethereum-compatible wallet e.g. Metamask, Ledger, etc.

Use the following credentials to connect to the Boom Network through Metamask:

  1. Login to Metamask and go to Settings > Network > Add a network
  2. Network Name: Boom Mainnet
  3. New RPC URL:
  4. Chain ID: 1338
  5. Currency Symbol: BMC
  6. Block explorer URL:
  7. Save and close.
  8. Click on Ethereum and select Boom Mainnet from the drop down.

    Remember, Boom blockchain addresses are exactly like Ethereum addresses. So you can receive BMC and ETH on the same address, you will just need to change the network to see the different assets.