We talk about an economic boom, we also say that a business is booming when it is experiencing very rapid growth, and that we are booming when we are overflowing with activity.

Buy and sell everything online without a bank account


Boom is a no-fee, no-ads e-commerce super application that enables everybody to buy and sell goods and services, share and communicate securely, and pay for everything online worldwide, in their local fiat currencies, without needing a bank account or credit card.

Boom democratises commerce by removing all the barriers to success for consumers and merchants worldwide, most of whom have either been denied access to online financial services or have been forced to pay exorbitant fees while also having their data tracked, collected and sold.

Our mission at Boom is to foster global financial inclusion by empowering small, medium and large businesses and service providers to transact locally, nationally, and internationally around the same marketplace, making e-commerce a social and financially rewarding experience for all.