What is Boom?

Boom is the new online market where you can buy, sell and pay for everything without a bank account.
Boom breaks down geographic and economic barriers and enables 1 billion women and 700 million men unbanked worldwide to shop online.
Boom is also an instant messaging service, a financial service, a social media, and more to discover...

Why Boom?

On Boom, there are no fees at all. Merchants retain 100% of their earnings. Boom enables you to send money worldwide free of charge.
On Boom, every merchant and every consumer is verified.
Boom enables people to use cryptocurrencies for their day-to-day purchases. On Boom, anyone can start a business.
Boom enables each physical store to have its e-commerce shop.


You have sole and exclusive responsibility to determine what, if any, taxes apply to transactions or the payments you receive in connection with your use of the Services (“Taxes”). It is solely your responsibility to assess, collect, report, or remit the correct taxes to the proper tax authority in the applicable jurisdiction. Boom is not obligated to, nor will it, determine whether Taxes apply, or calculate, collect, report, or remit any Taxes to any tax authority, arising from any User Transaction.


As a condition to using Services, you will be required to sign up by entering a unique username and password and agree to this Terms of Use. Furthermore, you will be required to enter your full legal name and verify your postal address before using the Service. You agree not to select or use the name and address of another person or organization with the intent of impersonating that person.
You shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You are also fully responsible for all activities that occur under identity. You agree to immediately notify Boom of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security, and Boom will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the requirements of this paragraph.

Verification process

When creating an account, we ask each new user to provide us with the following information so that we can verify their identity:
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Date of Birth
4. Take a picture of yourself with your ID document in front of you


The first 100 merchants will receive 10 000 MTCNs. For individuals, every new user receives 10 MTCNs when signing up. Invite your friends to join Boom and we’ll pay you 10 MTCNs for each friend that signs up!

Can children use Boom?

No. To use Boom, you must be at least 18 years old.

Is it available on my device?

Boom is available on smartphones, tablets, and computers. The app is downloadable for IOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux devices. We are releasing the Boom API to allow developers to track the value of Multicoin in real-time.

How to make money on Boom?

1. Sell your products on the Boom marketplace (clothing, tech, coffee, etc.)
2. Sell your services on the Boom marketplace (care, cleaning, delivery, etc.)
3. Sell your Multicoins (up to 10% commission on each transaction)

Is information about me secure?

Your Boom account information is protected by a password for your privacy and security. You need to work to protect against unauthorized access to your password and your mobile phone. We use industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software to protect the security of your Personal Information during transmission, which encrypts all of the information you input. For utmost data security, Boom stores all user data on its dedicated servers within the European Union only.

Are payments on Boom safe?

Boom technology is mostly safe because it’s built on secure technology: the blockchain. Blockchain uses volunteers — lots of them — to sign hashes that validate transactions on the Ethereum network using cryptography. This system makes it so transactions are generally irreversible, and the data security of Multicoin is strong.

Who takes care of the operation on Boom?

Boom is a non-profit organization made up of around ten employees, most of whom work in Europe, with the head office located in Paris, France.

What personal information does Boom retain?

Our primary goal in retaining personal information is to provide you with a friendly, customized, and efficient Service. We only retain personal information that is relevant to the Service. We process this information in compliance with applicable European Union data protection laws and in a way that is compatible with the purpose for which it has been retained or subsequently authorized by you. We retain the following types of information from our customers:

For how long do we store personal information?

You may elect to terminate your account at any time and/or delete the information you have entered or uploaded thereon. If you cancel your account or delete any content or if Boom elects to do so, any personal information included therein will also be deleted, unless continued storage is required by applicable law. In some cases, there may continue to be residual copies of personal information on our computer system due to the nature of the computer system's operation and ongoing data back-up and archiving.

Will Boom share any of my information it receives?

Confidentiality of user information is an integral part of Boom's values. As such, we do not share, rent or sell your personal information to anyone.

Why get rid of third-party services or trusted third-parties?

When we are dependent on a financial institution, the possibility of blocking access to a bank account exists. Moreover, this can happen to a person who has not paid his taxes: the State can block access to his account, and the time to recover his due. The 2008 crisis showed, if need be, that absolute confidence in banks was not deserved. A large number of banks were supposed to hold capital corresponding to their outstanding loans.

Multicoin FAQ

What is Multicoin?

The Multicoin is an Ethereum blockchain based ERC-20 token with the contract address “0xf6117cc92d7247f605f11d4c942f0feda3399cb5”, the symbol “MTCN” and a decimals of precision of 18.

Is Multicoin production limited?

Yes, Multicoin production is limited to 2 Billion token which has already been minted.

How and where can I get Multicoins?

Cash: You can purchase it directly from another individual in a person known as Multicoin Reseller. (Implement a button « Locate a Multicoin Reseller Around Me »
Bank Account: You can buy Multicoin directly on the app with a credit card free of charge. Boom will soon allow you to get Multicoin using Wire transfer, Swap, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Where can I spend my Multicoins?

On Boom, where merchants from all around the world sell their product and services free of charges.

Where are the countries where I can use my Multicoins?

Boom is a borderless online service. Anyone can buy, sell and pay for everything from anywhere in the world.

What is a Multicoin Reseller?

You can exchange Multicoins for cash near you. You have the option of taking a commission of up to 10%. However, we advise you to stay at 1-2%. Become a reseller or stop being one in a few clicks on your merchant profile.

Who controls the value of the Multicoin?

The market determines the price of multicoin, just as it does for gold, oil, sugar, grains, and other commodities. The rules of supply and demand apply to Multicoin, just as they do to any other market. i.e.

Boom Home FAQ

What is Boom Home?

For the first time, e-commerce is becoming a social experience. Make 2 billion more connections to your business, increase your impact, and create captivating content that reflects your personality. With our new worldwide network, you may share and grow your brand.

What can I post on Boom?

Boom Home allows you to post messages, photos and videos. You can consult, like, comment, and share the latest publications of your friends, your favorite brands, and the various news services present on the platform.

What posts do I see on my Feed?

Your Boom feed is made of posts from the accounts you follow.

Who can consult my posts on Boom?

All content posted on Boom is public. We proceed thus to make you gain visibility.

How does Boom determine the order of posts in my feed?

Boom content is proposed chronologically.

Boom Messenger FAQ

What is Boom Messenger?

Communicate with the world
Discover our new instant messaging services. Get in touch with merchants and consumers from all around the world on Boom messenger. Communicate and share media with your family and friends worldwide instantly.

Who can I message?

With Boom Messenger, you can chat with all users who have been verified by the platform. No need to do any research, you are now able to contact individuals and professionals to send them a message or to call them.

Who can message me?

For now, any user that has been verified can message you.

Privacy and security?

On Boom Messenger, all chats are end-to-end encrypted for your security and no data is collected by the platform.
You have the option to see when one of your friends writes a message.

Boom Wallet FAQ?

What is Boom Wallet?

Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain
Multicoin (MTCN) is a decentralized token that is free of censorship and accessible to everyone. Send low-cost, secure, borderless payments to anyone, at any time and from any location. Buy, store, send and swap Multicoins.

What are the methods to get MTCNs?

For now, you get MTCNs with cash over-the-counter or with a credit card directly on the app.
You will also soon have the possibility to get MTCNs using the following methods: Wire Transfer, Swap, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Can I withdraw MTCNs to my bank account?

Yes! In your wallet, you can withdraw your MTCNs at any time to your bank account.

Privacy and security

The security of your Wallet is our priority. Our security team constantly improves relevant mechanisms and conducts regular reviews to protect your information and assets.

Boom Marketplace FAQ

What is Boom Marketplace?

The revolutionary new Marketplace
Boom is the first trusted platform where you can buy, sell and pay for everyday goods and services online without a bank account. Participate in the process of plugging 2 billion unbanked people into the global economy.
The revolutionary new Marketplace
Get rid of fees of any type: no subscription, so selling fees, no listing fees, no credit card company commissions. Receive you payment instantly. Boom will declare the VAT to the government for you.

Why would I sell my product on Boom rather than any other marketplace?

For many reasons, you better use Boom to sell you product and services. We provided you with a non-exhaustive list of these reasons.

What are the payment methods available on Boom?

The sole method of payment and medium of exchange for goods and services within Boom is the Multicoin (“MTCN”) crypto-currency.

In which currency do I receive my payments?

It’s up to you to define the currency you want to receive for any transaction. You will find the options in Menu, your merchant profile, and in the section « favorite wallet ».

What can be bought/sold on marketplace?

You can buy and sell anything on Boom as long as the items are legal and authentic. We constantly monitor the catalog making sure to remove prohibited items. If you see an article that shouldn't be on Boom, please report it.

Your order never arrived?

Contact the seller. If the seller does not respond or responds only partially, the Boom team will refund the item.


1. The item is not compliant
The money is blocked until an agreement is reached between the two parties.
If the item is significantly different from its description, then you can return the item to the seller and we will process the refund.
2. The article is compliant but it does not suit you in the end
The article is compliant but it does not suit you in the end.
You must then see directly with the seller to return the item and get a refund.


The refund policy is specific to each seller.
As a seller, you are free to authorize or not the returns in the case of a sale conforming to the description. Your refund policy must be mentioned in your merchant profile.