What is Boom?

Boom is a new super app that enables everybody to buy, sell and pay for everything online, without a bank account and without any fees whatsoever.

Why was Boom created?

According to the world bank, 1.7 billion adults have no bank account and have thus never shopped online nor offered their goods and services for sale on the Internet. Boom launched on 1st October 2022 to ensure financial inclusion for all by enabling everybody to transact online, without a bank account and without fees of any kind.

What are the components of Boom?

Boom consist of
- A Marketplace where consumers discover products and services from brands and merchants;
- A built-in Wallet with Boom’s Native Token, the Multicoin (MTCN) which is an Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 token for payments;
- Boom Chat for secure text, audio and video communication between transacting parties, friends and family;
- Boom Social for community building and management.

I am a User, what can I do on Boom?

As a User, you can;
- Shop on Boom from local and international merchants and brands;
- Offer your goods and services for sale on Boom and get paid instantly;
- Safely store your money in your Boom wallet;
- Send and receive money with zero-fees;
- Securely chat with friends and brands;
- Grow and manage your social community.

I am a Merchant, what can I do on Boom?

As a Merchant, you can;
- Sell your goods and services on Boom to 1.7 billion new customers and get paid instantly;
- Safely store your money in your Boom wallet;
- Send and receive money with zero-fees;
- Securely chat with customers and employees;
- Grow and manage your social community.

How do I download Boom?

You can download Boom in iOS from the Apple Appstore and in Android from the Google Play Store.

How do I sign up to Boom?

Signing up to Boom is super easy:
- Click Sign up;
- Enter your verification code;
- KYC yourself : Take a selfie with a government issued ID card eg passport, national ID card or driver’s license

Why does Boom KYC users ?

To be compliant with international regulations, all users are KYC’d on Boom at sign up. This helps to keep Boom a safe and secure eco-system.

How much fees do I pay on Boom?

Zero! There are no fees of any kind on all transactions on Boom.

Are there ads on Boom

No, there are no ads on Boom.

Is my information safe on Boom?

Yes. All your transactions on Boom are encrypted and signed with private keys that are stored ONLY on your device.

Can children use Boom?

No, you have to be at least 13 years old to use Boom.

Multicoin FAQ

What is Multicoin?

The Multicoin is Boom’s native token and medium-of-exchange. It transmits value between transacting parties. The Multicoin is an Ethereum blockchain based ERC-20 token with Ethereum contract address “0xf6117cc92d7247f605f11d4c942f0feda3399cb5”, symbol “MTCN” and a decimals of precision of 18.

Is Multicoin production limited?

Yes, Multicoin production is limited to 2 Billion tokens, all of which have already been minted. New Multicoins cannot be minted ever again.

How and where can I get Multicoins?

Multicoin can be purchased directly within Boom, from certified Multicoin resellers in person. Simply tap on the “Buy” button within the Boom Wallet, enter your location and you will see a list of resellers nearby. Multicoin can also be purchased with a credit card within the app.

What can I do with my Multicoins?

Multicoins can be used to pay for goods and services on Boom, or can be used to send, receive and store money worldwide.

Who is a Multicoin Reseller?

A Multicoin reseller is a Boom merchant that agrees to accept and resell Multicoins.. They may charge up to 1% in commission.

Who controls the value of the Multicoin?

The market determines the price of the Multicoin, just as it does for gold, oil, sugar, grains, and other commodities. The rules of supply and demand apply to Multicoin, just as they do to any other market.

Boom Home FAQ

What is Boom Home?

Boom Home is the social applet of Boom that enables you, brands and merchants to create and manage your community directly within Boom. So get started by creating captivating content that reflects your personality.

What can I post on Boom?

You can post messages, photos and videos and like, comment, and share content that captures your imagination with friends, brands and customers.

What posts do I see on my Feed?

Your Boom feed is made of posts from the accounts you follow.

Boom Chats FAQ

What is Boom Chats?

Boom Chat enables you to communicate via ultra secure text, audio or video messaging. So whether you want to ask a merchant if they have your size in stock, arrange a delivery or just stay in touch with your friends, Boom Chat is the safest way to communicate.

How does Boom Chat secure messages?

All communication on Boom chats are end-to-end encrypted, and decrypted, with encryption keys that are stored only on your phone. This means that only you and the people you communicate can read your messages.

Boom Wallet FAQ?

What is Boom Wallet?

Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, the Multicoin (MTCN) is a decentralised token that is free of censorship and accessible to everybody. It enables you to send no-cost, borderless payments to anyone, at any time and from any location. Buy, store, send and swap Multicoins, all within your Boom Wallet

How do I top up my MTCNs?

You can top up your MTCN with cash or credit card directly from your Boom Wallet. Simply tap on “Buy” and follow the instructions.

Can I withdraw MTCNs to my bank account?

Yes! You can convert your MTCNs to your local currencies and withdraw it at any time to your bank account.

Boom Marketplace FAQ

What is Boom Marketplace?

The Boom Marketplace is a social e-commerce platform that enables merchants, be they individuals or professionals, to offer their goods and services for sale to verified consumers worldwide.

Why should I sell on Boom Marketplace?

You should sell on Boom because:
- You get paid instantly rather than waiting for days;
- There are no listing fees on Boom;
- There are no subscription fees on Boom;
- There are no sales fees on Boom;
- There are no merchant fees on Boom;
- There are no commissions taken from your Boom earnings;
- Bottomline, there are NO fees of any kind on Boom. This means you keep all your earnings!

In which currency do I list my products and receive my payments?

Merchants list their products in their local currencies and get paid in their local currencies. The Multicoin token simply transmits value between merchants and consumers after which it is converted to local currencies. This ensure that merchants are immune to token price volatility always.

What can be bought/sold on Boom Marketplace?

You can buy and sell anything on Boom as long as the items are legitimate and authentic.

What should I do if my order never arrive?

Contact the seller via Boom Chat.

How do I return products purchased on Boom?

Contact the seller via Boom Chat.

How do I refunds for returned products?

The seller will credit your Boom Wallet with your refund.