June 6, 2023Ecommerce

Boom Launches the World’s First One-Stop-Shop Marketplace for Goods and Services

Paris, FRANCE / Lagos, NIGERIA, / London, ENGLAND June 5, 2023

Boom Technologies (UK) Ltd is excited to announce the release of the enterprise edition of Boom, the e-commerce without banking eco-system application, in Africa and Europe, with the marketplace expanded into the world’s first one-stop-shop for all Goods, Services, Luxury, B2B, Handmade and Secondhand. Boom enables everybody to buy, sell and pay for everything online without a credit card nor bank account.

According to the World Bank, 1.7 Billion adults worldwide have no bank accounts and are financially excluded from the global digital economy. As such, they have never bought, sold or paid for anything online, despite having an annual purchasing power of over $5 Trillion. They are called the unbanked.

Thanks to its native currency, the Boomcoin (“BMC”), Boom enables everybody to fund their wallets with cash or CBDCs and buy, sell and pay for everything online, without requiring a financial institution as an intermediary for payment processing.

"Creating the most inclusive marketplace is connecting 1 in 3 adults worldwide to the global digital economy and improves their socio-economic wellbeing", stated Naomi Whitney, Boom’s Chief Consumer Officer.

"Onboarding 2 billion adults with a $5 trillion annual purchase power online, is a humbling opportunity", stated Aurelien Bricout, Boom’s Chief Financial Officer.

The Boom app can be downloaded for free from both the Apple Appstore and Google Play stores

About Boom

Boom is an e-commerce ecosystem that enables everybody to interact with the world first once-stop-shop online marketplace for all goods and all service, enabling them to buy, sell and pay for all goods and services online, and in-person, without needing a bank account. Boom is enhancing the way we transact globally for the better by enabling financial inclusion for all, and real-time transaction settlements as well as asset transparency, all powered by its proprietary TransactionChain technology and advanced cryptography.

To learn more about Boom, please visit boom.market

About Boom DAO

Boom DAO is a community-driven, non-profit organisation, focused on making commerce more equitable by decentralising the centralisation of money. Boom DAO oversees the Boom Technologies (UK) Ltd, which is responsible for the Boom, e-commerce without banking application, its native token the Boomcoin (BMC), and the global initiative to tokenise CBDCs starting with the Wrapped eNaira.

Boom DAO is a permission-less, token-based membership DAO and the Boomcoin (BMC) is its governance token. 1 BMC, 1 vote. To learn more about Boom DAO, please visit boomdao.org

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