June 28, 2023Blockchain

Boom Launches BoomPay to Enable Unbanked Customers to Pay for Goods and Services Online

BoomPay ushers in a new era of payments inclusivity for all

Paris, FRANCE / London, ENGLAND June 28, 2023

Boom announced today the launch of its revolutionary BoomPay technology, which enables all e-commerce platforms to accept payments from customers without bank accounts.

Today, almost 2 billion adults worldwide remain unbanked. Without access to credit or debit cards, they cannot transact online, despite having a combined annual purchasing power of over $5 Trillion.

With BoomPay technology integrated into e-commerce platforms, merchants get to unlock a potential market of almost 2 billion new customers, who will simply use their Boom Wallet to scan-to-pay at checkout.

"By integrating BoomPay, merchants and brands openly show their support for the inclusion of 1 billion women and 700 million men into the global digital economy", stated Naomi Bourgarel, Boom’s Chief of Products.
“BoomPay ushers in a new world of payments inclusivity for all, especially those without bank accounts that have thus far been excluded from shopping online."

Blockchain-powered BoomPay is compatible with all e-commerce platforms and can be integrated with a few lines of code and deployed within minutes.

Some of BoomPay’s benefits for merchants include revenue growth, instant payment settlements, low fees, and enhanced security.

Boom Wallets can be funded and de-funded with cash, Boomcoin (BMC), or other ERC-20 tokens swapped into BMC, such as Wrapped eNaira (WeNGN).

To learn more, please visit boom.market/solutions/boom-pay

About Boom

One in three adults has no bank account. The unbanked have never bought, sold, or paid for anything online despite having a combined annual purchasing power of over $5 Trillion.

In October 2022, Boom launched as an e-commerce ecosystem that enables everybody to buy, sell, and pay for everything online without requiring financial institutions as trusted intermediaries for payment processing.

Boom is enhancing the way we transact globally by enabling financial inclusion for all, with real-time settlements, and asset and transaction transparency. The system is powered by Boomcoin (“BMC”), an open-source token, and built on top of advanced ledger technology.

Learn more at boom.market