From Boomcoins to Meals for 2 million Nigerians 🇳🇬

A Boom Foundation Initiative

14th April 2024
The Current Crisis
Nigeria faces an urgent food and cash crisis, significantly affecting the unbanked and underserved communities. The lack of access to basic necessities is not only a pressing humanitarian issue but also a major obstacle to economic development and stability.
Immediate Action Is Required
Immediate intervention is crucial. Delaying action worsens the hardships faced by millions, deepening financial disparities and undermining the foundations for a stable and inclusive economy. Now is the time to act to ensure swift relief and lay the groundwork for sustainable economic empowerment.
Boom Foundation's Solution
We're using our blockchain-powered commerce ecosystem to directly tackle this crisis. Our solution will leverage two key components of our superapp, the Boom Wallet and the Boom Marketplace.

Boom Foundation has allocated 1 million BMC to this airdrop and has opened the initiative to public donations, which will be matched 1:1 for all donated BMCs, up to an additional 500,000 BMC.

Airdrop of $BMC: We're distributing Boomcoins (BMC) to directly affected Nigerians, providing them with the means to transact immediately. Once the users have downloaded the application and completed their KYC, they will automatically receive the airdrop of BMC and have access to the food packages in our marketplace.

Food Package via Boom Marketplace: Collaborating with vendors, we'll make food packages available on the Boom Marketplace, purchasable with BMC. This ensures that the aid reaches those in need in a timely and efficient manner, all while leveraging our infrastructure to ensure inclusion.
Join Our Effort
This crypto-for-social-good initiative offers a unique opportunity for the crypto community, Africans in the diaspora, businesses, vendors and non-profit organisations to donate and help make a tangible difference to those in need.

Your collaboration will directly contribute to the welfare of millions of Nigerians, showcasing your commitment to social impact.

Engaging with this campaign aligns you with a socially responsible mission, highlighting your commitment to helping to make the world a better place.

All donations will be swapped into BMC and sent to the donations wallet. To donate in Fiat, please contact and to donate in crypto, send BMC, ETH, wBTC, USDC or any other tradeable ERC-20 token directly to the donations wallet below:

Please share this page on socials with the hashtag #cryptoforsocialgood to help spread the word. Thank you.

Donations progress
1,200 BMC
Target: 2 Million
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