Boom Airdrop


In the light of the ongoing economic hardship that millions of people are facing worldwide, Boom Technologies (UK) Ltd is Airdropping Boomcoins to citizens of countries it launches in.

The Boom Technologies (UK) Ltd Airdrop started in Nigeria on the 29th of March 2023 and is scheduled next for the United Kingdom.

Recipients will be able to spend their Boomcoin tokens, in-app, and at Boom verified merchant partner outlets in-country.

See the FAQs to learn more.


How do I fund and withdraw from my Boom wallet?

Boom users and merchants can fund and withdraw from their wallets at-will via Boom’s newly released decentralised peer-to-peer cash-in/cash-out human network, called the Boom hATM.

What is Boom Human ATM (hATM)?

A Boom Human ATM (hATM) is someone that agrees to cash-in and cash-out Boom users for a fee. If you agree to be an hATM, you will be visible on the Boom hATM map.

What commission do Boom hATMs charge on transactions?

Boom recommends that hATMs charge no more than 1% in commission and are ethical in all transactions. So if a user wants to fund their wallet with N100, they will hand over N100 to the hATM and the hATM will credit the user’s Boom wallet with N99.

Do Boom hATMs only accept cash to fund wallets?

No, Boom hATMs can be paid to fund wallets in cash or via wire transfers, credit cards, debit cards, or in crypto eg ETH, USDT etc.

How do I become a Boom hATM?

To become a Boom hATM, click on the radio icon on the top left hand corner of your Boom wallet, allow location services and then click on the same radio icon on the top right hand corner of the map, and enable the button that says “I agree to be a Boom hATM”. You can also enable Boom hATM via your merchant profile.

How do I get notified when a Boom user wants to fund or withdraw from their wallets?

When a Boom user initiates a fund or withdraw request from their wallet, it sends a push notification of the request to hATMs within a 50km radius of the user. The user can then choose one of the hATMs to complete the transaction with.

How do I become a Boom Super hATM?

To become a Boom Super hATM, you will need to provide the following:

  • A copy of your business registration certificate and license
  • A recent proof of business address
  • A 50,000 BMC security deposit, refundable at the end of the term of service.

What is Boom Super hATM?

A Boom Super hATM is an hATM with large scale liquidity to provide services for big merchants and corporations on Boom. Super hATMs are required to be licensed currency traders with vast liquidity.

How do Boom hATMs and Super hATMs fund their wallets?

Boom hATMs can fund their wallets from existing Boomcoin holders and Boom Super hATMs can fund their wallets directly from Boom Technologies (UK) Ltd.

In what version of Boom was the hATM feature released?

Boom hATM in integrated into Boom version 1.3.3-4 and is available in both Apple and Google App stores from April 14, 2023

Why is my identity verification taking so much time?

We are experiencing a high volume of KYC traffic so do bear with us.

How do I pay someone that is not on Boom?

Boom fosters cashless entrepreneurship and as such, if you need to pay someone that isn’t on Boom, invite them to activate their Boom wallets and then pay them in-app.

I ordered a product but the merchant hasn’t shipped it, what do i do?

Contact the merchant in-app for all issues with product & service orders. If the merchant does not respond, you should escalate to Boom Support.

What do I do if I suspect that a merchant is fraudulent?

As a reminder, Boom does not buy or sell anything. It simply connects verified transacting parties via its e-commerce ecosystem. Despite our rigorous identity verifications, it is not unusual for bad actor merchants to attempt to dupe consumers. So if you feel that a merchant is fraudulent, hit the top three dots on the top right hand corner of the product or service page and “report abuse”