The payment gateway that enables you to collect online payments from 2 billion unbanked consumers.

1.7 billion adults globally lack access to the world of online shopping because they have no bank account. In the absence of credit cards, these potential consumers are unable to purchase from your online store.

With BoomPay integrated into your e-commerce platform, you unlock a new market of almost 2 billion unbanked customers, with an annual purchasing power in excess of $5 Trillion.

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Advantages of

Expansive Market Access

Connect with nearly 2 billion new customers, and tap into their trillions in spending power.

Instant Settlements

Say goodbye to prolonged waiting times. No more anticipation for days, weeks, or months to receive your earnings from credit card companies.

Competitive Transaction Fees

A transaction fee of just 1.99% with BoomPay, a clear contrast to the steep charges of up to 4.5% per transaction by credit card companies.

Promote Financial Inclusion

Empower the unbanked to shop online, by supporting payment inclusivity.

Enhanced Security

Unlike credit cards, BoomPay leaves no room for information compromise as it operates without numbers.

Eliminate POS Hardware

With BoomPay, costly POS hardware is a thing of the past. Boom's POS functionality is built right into the Boom wallet.

Universal Compatibility

BoomPay integrates smoothly into all e-commerce platforms with a one-click scan-to-pay feature.

Secure & Private

All transactions made via BoomPay are securely recorded on the Boom blockchain, and purchase tracking is non-existent, ensuring data privacy.

Multi-currency support

BoomPay supports 16 currencies out of the box: BMC, $, €, £, INR, NGN, ZAR, GHS, CFA XOF, TRY, ILS, MAD,THB, IDR, BRL.

Supercharge Your E-Commerce Platform with

Here's How to Get Started in 3 simple steps:

BoomPay SDK is the bridge between your e-commerce platform and the innovative BoomPay API.

  • 1. Integrate BoomPay

    Embed our powerful library into your platform to boost transactional ease and reach.

  • 2. Activate your Boom Wallet

    Harness the speed and security of blockchain technology by enabling the Boom Wallet.

  • 3. Go Live

    Inform your customers that BoomPay is live and begin to experience increased sales and limitless growth.

How To Implement Boom Pay

Integrate BoomPay into your online shop to enable 2 Billion unbanked customers to pay at checkout

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